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I was asked to write a song on the theme of technology and transport for the BBC radio science show CLICK, the show is broadcast on the world service.

This was a special edition of the show, a live 1 hour special in front of a real live audience, the recording took place in the beautiful BBC radio theatre.

The brief was pretty broad so there were a few ideas that fell by the way side, one of my favourite failed attempts was a song about an autonomous car a driverless / self driving vehicle that would wait for it’s owner to go to sleep and go for midnight drives alone on the empty roads, Kraftwerks Autobahn would come on the stereo and it would cut its headlights as it raced though winding country roads. .. anyway ..

The final song I wrote was an ode to a guy called Paolo Bellutta, Paolo works for NASA and is one of the drivers of the Mars Curiosity Rover. My starting point had been an interview i’d heard with him where he explained that he ‘held an interplanetary driving license’