New News

I have been singing full time with Alyson Hambalek now for a year or so and we decided to make a subtle name change. We Are Ampersand is what we would like you to call us.

A new e.p is ready, a four track affair similar to flavour to the reworked version of I Thought I was Alone.

Close harmonies, drum machine, nylon guitar and minimal synths. I’ll post a track as soon as we master them, meanwhile here is a taster of some of the art work ideas. 

These started out as screen print poster ideas, I thought if I was happy with them as art that I would hang on my wall then they would translate down to an album cover.



It’s been nearly a year since I left the band Fujiya & Miyagi. I left on my 10 year anniversary! I’m really looking forward to seeing F&M play in 2016.


Live @The Tin in Coventry

Ampersand & Alyson

Ampersand CoventryPHOTOGRAPHY by Pete Fij



I have reworked my track I Thought I Was Alone, it features Alyson Hambalek singing harmonies.



To download it for free go here

On Tour

Former Creation Records artists Pete Fij (Adorable / Polak) & Terry Bickers (House of Love / Levitation) have joined forces and their debut album is a large helping of melody and melancholia. Check out their new video here 

They have invited me to support them on a handful of dates. We played our home town of Brighton last week and it was a sold out night of laughter and tears.. and beers and tears, more laughter, then home.

The remaining dates in July

16th London 

22nd Norwich 

23rd Coventry


I was asked to write a song on the theme of technology and transport for the BBC radio science show CLICK, the show is broadcast on the world service.

This was a special edition of the show, a live 1 hour special in front of a real live audience, the recording took place in the beautiful BBC radio theatre.

The brief was pretty broad so there were a few ideas that fell by the way side, one of my favourite failed attempts was a song about an autonomous car a driverless / self driving vehicle that would wait for it’s owner to go to sleep and go for midnight drives alone on the empty roads, Kraftwerks Autobahn would come on the stereo and it would cut its headlights as it raced though winding country roads. .. anyway ..

The final song I wrote was an ode to a guy called Paolo Bellutta, Paolo works for NASA and is one of the drivers of the Mars Curiosity Rover. My starting point had been an interview i’d heard with him where he explained that he ‘held an interplanetary driving license’

7″ Singles

I have added a few copies of my two 7″ singles to my bandcamp page, both come with art prints i’ve made and Holding The Negative Up To The Light is on delicious orange vinyl. Both were limited to runs of 300 and they are numbered too. This remaining records were my stash that I sell at my live shows.


You can buy Grave Goods vinyl ( vinyl includes immediate download ) directly from me via this bandcamp player.

Grave Goods LP

Mid November my debut solo album Grave Goods is being released on The Great Pop Supplement label. It’s limited to a run of 500, 100 of these will have screen printed covers by me.


Prints drying on the drying rack


Photo by Lucie Goodayle

The Reject Tin

When I was growing up I was fascinated by an old biscuit tin that we kept in a cupboard, it was referred to as The Reject Tin. It contained all the family photos that didn’t make it into the family photo albums, all the shots that cut peoples heads off, had red eyes, or were out of focus. The reject tin was my favourite, I would spend hours combing through the jumbled pile, they were not nicely ordered like the neatly catalogued albums, here each picture would jump back and forth through time with their subjects caught off guard or just goofing around.

This brief mix of music contains pieces I’ve recorded but not known where to put them, I like them but they have no home, so I decided to string them together. They are part of my musical reject tin.